Saturday, September 4, 2010

jauh lagi perjalanan ini

Lamanya tak update blog.
dah tak tau nak mula dari mana.
tapi mlm ni aku tersedar 1 perkara.
dan aku sangat berterima kasih atas 'hidup' aku.


It takes me years to arrive at this point in my life,
where I am finally able to accept what has ALLAH given me,
and to settle for complex things with ease and redha.
I finally able to see questions unanswered as the signs of my humanity ,
and embrace it proud and loud. I am able to feel that I shouldn't be sad and instead strive more and more in learning things and all because the truth is out there.

Recently I realise,
as I've taken years to come to this solution,
I've seen my friends who've reached this same point way earlier than mine have progressed far more.
Thus I feel the urge to quickly chase them so that I can be at par with them.

By any mean,


harapnya aku dapat ke point seterusnya tanpa putus asa lagi.


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