Sunday, September 19, 2010

heart to heart | put my eyes on you

salam all. 
today, i have tonnes to write about unlike certain times when i am knocked down by writer's blog. hoorayyy! for a better news, i'm much brighter today :) why? well, i have my dearest friend back. yeay! we are now together at peace after a very deeply conversation. after months of anger and sour faces, finally we know, we need to talk. thank God, everything is now wonderful. I can see the rainbow that once left me alone in the plain world. Alhamdullilah.

This person has brought so much impact in my life.

I miss those moments very much, fella.
when the night is calm, i pray for the blue moon to come.
to give me the strength to move on and forget you. but, how'd that ever happens? never.

i miss the way we guffawed together.especially at Maju Ahmad Saujana!!!
i miss the way we kept our feelings when things were not okay.
i miss the way we squabbled ( ko mmg suka kenakan aku tau ) over little things and made our life a sophisticated drama. 
Am I a great pretender ? or yes you are! hahahaha ;-)
those are our sweet memories that we left behind when we made a decision to live life on our own way :(

i wish to see the stars in the night sky smile to me, the moon will whisper all the good things ahead in my life.

*i wanna cry *

enough is enough,
hope i will always be your bestest fren ever. cheers.
and I hope better life to you and me, mate :)


aNa LiEyA said...

ingtkan nk jd teman sehidup semati..xnk ke??
mmmm being closed after luahkan perasaan??

PurpearlLyna said...

ana : sehidup bolehlah. semati tu aku tak sure. hahahahaha ape ko mengarut dol ? wah, on9 pagi2 bute juz to read my humble blog ? ehem..

Anonymous said...

sapalah gerangan kawan ko ni.
pompuan tu ke ?
yg kepochi ko ckp mcm aku tu ?
nak knl ngn dia. nak knl ngn dia.

eh, bgtau lah nama! bengong !
^bz body^

- kak ita ko lah !

Anonymous said...

Hi imma be is back.
Alhamdulillah kalo sume dah back to normal.
pasti rindu,kan ?
i mean rindu dgn sy. hihihi.
xleh blah.

u, update slalu.
i like
* 2 thumbs up *

- Onboard PZS -

Anonymous said...

i wonder if i take u home
wud u still in love ,bebeh ?

paham,kan ?
aiseh...dun u worry...

- Tasha A.H

Anonymous said...

1,2,3 & i luv u....
ada cakap mcm tu ?
hahahahaha like u dont know.