Sunday, September 26, 2010


I've been thinking these days n i've decided on something.
i found it hard to forget u n i dunno y i'm so stupid that i'm still waiting for u.
i've been waiting for ur txt messages n calls. 
but i heard nothing from u.
maybe i should start to accept the fact that i'm no longer important in ur life n u may not even care bout me anymore.

i still can't forget u

i just want my heart to b knocked'll b great if u have the same thought as me.
i miss u, but there's nothing i can do.i can only express it through my,

whatever it is, i'll go with the flow.
kalau ade, ada la..
we can only plan, but ALLAH will decide the BEST for me.insyaallah..

for some reasons, i really really really want u to read this.

i know we can't get whatever we want because we're not the GOD.
only Allah can do n get whatever He wants.
i just dunno what should i do coz i dun wanna get rid of u.
i know this post makes me sound desperate, 
but it's not a crime to have such feelings, right?

whatever it is, sumpah RINDU !



Ummi said...

oopss..gaduh ka??

Anonymous said...

sodih bobonar bunyinya.
ko kan adik aku plg cool abad ini.

- akak ko jugak

PurpearlLyna said...

ummi : tak gado la. baik2 aja. hihi ;-)

akak : cool waklu lah kak.

Anonymous said...

sedih sangat awak ni? why?

PurpearlLyna said...

TAK BERNAMA, errrrrr dah lama kot post ni. BTW, siapakah anda ? earger to know ! hehe

Anonymous said...

sy silent reader kamu la.dah lamer sy ikuti blog awk.hehehe
harap awk sllo hepy yerr dengan kehidupan yang penuh dngn pancaroba ini....

PurpearlLyna said...

TAK BERNAMA, oh wow ! saya ada silent reader kot ! hehehehe. tahniah Lina. TQ eh droopping by at my humble bloggo ;-)

Anonymous said...

takpelahkan sy suka baca luahan hati kat blog awk ika..heheheheh
sy takdee blog lagi..masih baru nak mencuber,,ajrkan..