Friday, September 17, 2010

All The Best & GoodLuck !

2 days menjelang mid-term exam
so much to study when there is little time for it.betul, bukan ?
( hahahaha cuak lah tuh !!! cakap yea, cakap yea ! )

It's going to be tough
Hope all of u can and will take this as a challengge to go further
and become a good seafarer
aiming for a better quality of life 
( * oh, wow ! how 'bout dat ) )

well,this is the time to prove your worth

"By God's will anything is possible, just for me to walk the way as Cpt. Mazlan said."

D1MC students,
GoodLuck in ur exam.
Still, all the best !


Anonymous said...

aku pun nak join lah.
to whom it may concern :

- Tasha A.H

PurpearlLyna said...

hish budak melbourne nih.mesti dia pun nak tinggalkan jejak jugak,kan.tapi takpe, i like...huhuhu.
tash, next saturday teman i. am going to 1 place.
text me,ok.

greener pastures said...

Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it.... Good Luck lyna!!!

PurpearlLyna said...

kak reen,
tq for dropping by.
not me lor...
my fren out there

btw, be strong & dont be notty while khai is far far away !!! ;-)

skipper305 said...