Thursday, July 9, 2009

R.I.P Mikael !

Have just finished watching Living With Michael Jackson in youtube.

A big thanks to the one who uploaded these videos, love them very much!

What i can say is, Michael was so innocent, childlike, gentle, generous and warm hearted person.

I love his personalities! Deep in my heart, he was a real man, a good daddy and a loving man.

How could the press and public keep insulting him?

Especially after his death, people have no respect at all.

This is so rude and so unfair to him!!!Dammit!

As his supporters said:
F.U.C.K the press, Michael you are the best
Hah ! this quote rocks!

I love this episode :
Michael said
'' I dont ever want to be buried, I would like to live forever ''
This is so sad, it gave me chills, ran up my spine, made me crying like nobody business.

You do!! You do!! You will live in our heart forever ! Yeah, it's true..

"People can always have a judgement about anything you do.

Everything can be strange to someone....

So who cares? "

Last but not least,

Rest In Peace MJ !

I will miss your music. But I will not miss your white-wannabe mentality..

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